Embrace the Winter! Learn to rest and listen…

By Anne-Sophie Morel. Living amongst the hustle and bustle of big cities, we often forget that we are part of nature, and are therefore influenced by its cycles. Winter and night-time are periods of rest and repair. Animals and plants alike retreat inwards. Humans are the only beings to fight against this natural time of rest….

Success by choice not by chance: an Interview with Amanda Banks

Success by choice not by chance: an Interview with Amanda Banks by Farrah Riaz I’ve been working at The City College in the Old Street area of London for 12 years now in a variety of roles, currently as the Director of Assessments.  During this time I’ve seen many developments in our educational portfolio all…

What makes a good acupuncture student?

I’ve been training acupuncture students at various institutions for over fifteen years now and I think I’ve got a pretty good idea about the qualities to look for in a prospective acupuncture student. People come to study acupuncture for all kinds of reasons. Some people such as nurses, massage therapists or reflexologists come to acupuncture to add…

I love my job!

I do, I really do.I have a fantastic job. Two fantastic jobs, actually. Read More!

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