I love my job!

I do, I really do.I have a fantastic job. Two fantastic jobs, actually. People come to have acupuncture with me for a myriad of reasons. It is an absolute pleasure helping people with problems that conventional medicine often can’t help with. In fact, it is a privilege! I get to meet so many interesting people and learn so much from them. I’m self-employed, which means I set my own hours and don’t have anyone else telling me what to do. I don’t spend the day clock watching, waiting for the time to go home. At the end of the day I feel exhilarated by my experiences.

I also teach. I teach various aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) but I specialise in Point Location – how to find the acupuncture points on the body, and how to use them. I’ve been teaching this for over 15 years and a DVD I was involved with has sold over 2,000 copies worldwide.

It’s fantastic helping others appreciate how amazing TCM is, seeing them start out as novices and grow into accomplished practitioners. It’s lovely bumping into them after they graduate and hearing how they have made a career in acupuncture work for them.

As a teacher, I need to make sure I really understand what I am talking about. This feeds back into my practice. Often when I am treating I will be using something that I have taught in the past few weeks. In class when people ask questions I am often able to illustrate my answer with an example from someone I have treated recently. Both parts of my job feed into each other.

TCM is an amazing way of working as it really makes you look at the world with fresh eyes. I’m so glad that I retrained as an acupuncturist. I loved my previous professions (a comic-book artist working for DC and Marvel comics and a music journalist), but I love my new profession more.

I don’t think I will ever retire – as long as there is breath in me I will want to continue using this amazing medicine to help other people. – Paul Johnson